My First Two Books are now available from Amazon Kindle

I will have 4 stories inside my first volume: What Lies Between. This first series can really be read in any order. However, the order they will be presented are as follows:

What Lies Between

Book One: Walking With the Wind-The Daniel Salt Story Available Now
Book Two: Never Take Candy from Strangers-The Nicole Harrison Story (pt. 1) Available Now
Book Three: How to Outdo the Voodoo-The Shanice Adams Story – Due out July 2016
Book Four: How to Outsmart a Djinni-The Matt Burns Story – Due out October 2016

I am currently working on the second series: What Lies Beneath After I have completed the four stories there
(Book One: Angels Among Us-The Moriah Kessler Story; Book Two: No Time Like the Present-The Nicole Harrison Story (Part 2); Book Three: Dueling the Demon Within- The Ben Willard Story; Book Four: Come Together) Then I will begin the third series: What Lies Above where everything comes to a head!

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