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Tamra Flournoy is the author of 'Indian Summer' a popular Twilight fan fiction and the 'Divine Intervention' series. Currently the first two books of that series are available as Kindle E-Books on Amazon: What Lies Between Book One: Walking With the Wind What Lies Between Book Two: Never Take Candy From Strangers

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Angels Among Us (Book One in the second series, What Lies Beneath)

Finally, it is Moriah’s turn, just as the heat turns up a notch in the follow-up series, “What Lies Beneath.”

Moriah Kessler wakes up in a Salem, Massachusetts hospital, concussed and confused, with no memory of herself, her past, or how she came to be a patient. The doctor believes her amnesia is temporary, and she is released into the custody of a mysterious guardian who has just arrived from England and is far more than he appears.
Moriah feels lost and out of place, but with the help of some new friends, she starts to adjust to a new life, a new city, and a new school, however, her dreams are haunted by an ancient evil; dark forces of pure malevolence. They laugh and plot, but they’re only nightmares – aren’t they?

Upcoming News For Second Series

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the four books that make up my first series, “What Lies Between”.  Now let me fill you in on the four books that make up my second series, “What Lies Beneath.”

The first book, “Angels Among Us,” tells Moriah Kessler’s story.  You have seen little glimpses into her ordeal with amnesia and losing her parents.  This story picks up as she tries to navigate daily life in a world that is very new to her.  This book is expected to be available in both paperback and Kindle sometime in April.

The second book, “There’s No Time Like the Present,” finishes Nicole Harrison’s story with the Brodericks who she has just learned are not fellow human beings that she thought they were.  However, that discovery was just the tip of the iceberg.  Nicole’s adventure is only just beginning.  Of all my stories, this second half of Nicole’s tale is my most favorite.  This story is expected to be released in October this year.

The third book, “The Demon Within,”  tells more about the threat facing mankind, and is told through Ben Willard, who has been singled out by demons as their hapless guinea pig.  That book is tentatively scheduled for release in the first half of 2018.

The fourth book, “All Worlds Collide,” is where all the stories culminate, with the characters from all the stories come together in Salem, Massachusetts to prepare to fight the demons.  I do not know the schedule for when this story will be release, but I can say that I had a great deal of fun bringing the characters together for training.  I enjoyed the little surprises I had while writing with all these dynamic, strong personalities.

After the second series is published, I will give more information about the third and final series, “What Lies Above.”  I will say that this series will involve the final battle.  I will begin writing this series very soon.

Update on my first series, “What Lies Between”

All four of my books in my first series are available digitally through Amazon Kindle.  The first three are also available in quality paperback for online purchase through your favorite bookstores.  I am awaiting my proof for the paperback for the 4th and last book in this series.  Hopefully, it will be approved, and then the entire series will be available in paperback.  Tomorrow I will post an update on how things are progressing for my second, follow-up series, “What Lies Between.”

Hot Off the Press!

What has happened in the last week?  Plenty!

Saturday, December 3, 2016 I held my first book signing for “Book One: Walking With the Wind” in my “What Lies Between” Series.15355574_686401434869556_9185874491078048372_n

Yesterday, December 7, 2016 I received my first shipment for “Book Two: Never Take Candy from Strangers,” which is the second book in the same series.


The cover is almost finalized for the third book in the series, which is, “Book Three: How to Outdo the Voodoo.”  Then I will order a print and hopefully it will become available for paperback sales.

Today, December 8, 2016, I finished my rough draft for the fourth and final book in the follow-up series, “What Lies Beneath,” which has not been released in any form yet.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy my books.  I always love feedback, constructive and otherwise.


Tamra Flournoy


Book Four: How to Outsmart a Djinni

Book Four: How to Outsmart a Djinni in my “What Lies Between” series is out and available at Amazon Kindle.

This is the final book in the first series and introduces the last main character, Matt Burns, from Tyler, Texas. I hope you enjoy it! Also look for my first book in the series, Book One: Walking With the Wind” now available in paperback.

Matt Burns is a basketball-loving, teenager from Tyler, Texas. Unfortunately, his prowess on the court doesn’t carry-over into his life at school, or with the ladies, and he lands himself in a heap of trouble.
That is all about to change when Matt comes face-to-face with a nine-foot djinni who grants him three wishes. Three wishes that could make his dreams come true–or have them go up in smoke.
To restore his standing at school, on the team, and to get the upper-hand with the girl of his dreams, Matt has to watch out for the choices he makes. He must bring his mad skills to bear if he’s to outsmart a djinni.

Book Two: Never Take Candy from Strangers, Series: What Lies Between

Free Today and Tomorrow! Get your copy now. These books can be read out of order.
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Magic is in the air at DeLand High School when three stunning sisters enroll with their brother and turn Nicole Harrison’s world upside down. Chronic illness has left her watching most high school activities from the sidelines; that all changes when she suddenly finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of rivalries, treachery, and unknown dangers—not to mention love.

If you enjoyed Twilight, this is my story for you. Nicole is a sweet, somewhat naive young woman, who had been forced to the sidelines of her own life due to her Chronic Chron’s Disease. Before she knows it, she is not only front and center in the drama around her, she’s quickly in over her head, and the consequences may be more deadly than a mere broken heart. Hear her story as she comes face-to-face with the supernatural in, “Book Two: Never Take Candy from Strangers.” It is the second of four books in the “What Lies Between” series.

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Free for a Limited Time!

I am excited to announce that the third installment in my series “What Lies Between” will be released on August 6, 2016.

To celebrate, I will be giving away free Kindle eBook copies of, “Book One: Walking with the Wind.” The giveaway will start Sunday, July 17th and run through Thursday, July 21st.[/embbedyt]

Thank You, Tamra Flournoy

My First Two Books are now available from Amazon Kindle

I will have 4 stories inside my first volume: What Lies Between. This first series can really be read in any order. However, the order they will be presented are as follows:

What Lies Between

Book One: Walking With the Wind-The Daniel Salt Story Available Now
Book Two: Never Take Candy from Strangers-The Nicole Harrison Story (pt. 1) Available Now
Book Three: How to Outdo the Voodoo-The Shanice Adams Story – Due out July 2016
Book Four: How to Outsmart a Djinni-The Matt Burns Story – Due out October 2016

I am currently working on the second series: What Lies Beneath After I have completed the four stories there
(Book One: Angels Among Us-The Moriah Kessler Story; Book Two: No Time Like the Present-The Nicole Harrison Story (Part 2); Book Three: Dueling the Demon Within- The Ben Willard Story; Book Four: Come Together) Then I will begin the third series: What Lies Above where everything comes to a head!