Book Four: How to Outsmart a Djinni

Book Four: How to Outsmart a Djinni in my “What Lies Between” series is out and available at Amazon Kindle.

This is the final book in the first series and introduces the last main character, Matt Burns, from Tyler, Texas. I hope you enjoy it! Also look for my first book in the series, Book One: Walking With the Wind” now available in paperback.

Matt Burns is a basketball-loving, teenager from Tyler, Texas. Unfortunately, his prowess on the court doesn’t carry-over into his life at school, or with the ladies, and he lands himself in a heap of trouble.
That is all about to change when Matt comes face-to-face with a nine-foot djinni who grants him three wishes. Three wishes that could make his dreams come true–or have them go up in smoke.
To restore his standing at school, on the team, and to get the upper-hand with the girl of his dreams, Matt has to watch out for the choices he makes. He must bring his mad skills to bear if he’s to outsmart a djinni.

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