Book Two: Never Take Candy from Strangers, Series: What Lies Between

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Magic is in the air at DeLand High School when three stunning sisters enroll with their brother and turn Nicole Harrison’s world upside down. Chronic illness has left her watching most high school activities from the sidelines; that all changes when she suddenly finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of rivalries, treachery, and unknown dangers—not to mention love.

If you enjoyed Twilight, this is my story for you. Nicole is a sweet, somewhat naive young woman, who had been forced to the sidelines of her own life due to her Chronic Chron’s Disease. Before she knows it, she is not only front and center in the drama around her, she’s quickly in over her head, and the consequences may be more deadly than a mere broken heart. Hear her story as she comes face-to-face with the supernatural in, “Book Two: Never Take Candy from Strangers.” It is the second of four books in the “What Lies Between” series.

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