Things are about to get interesting!

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3 thoughts on “Things are about to get interesting!”

  1. Preface

    The world has teetered on the brink of oblivion for a long time. I should know—I’ve been watching. It’s my job to watch.
    In ages past, great heroes arose to defend mankind and have kept us strong.
    Once again, the world is falling out of balance, only this time it’s different—heaven help us. This time all that stands between us and the open maw of desolation are five inexperienced teenagers—TEENAGERS—and this time is more dire than when one giant from the Philistine army could be brought down with a slingshot and a few rocks.
    I will allow each of our “champions” to tell their own story by way of introduction. Then perhaps like me, Quareen, Chief Watcher for planet Earth, you will be more than a little afraid.
    Afraid because these children are not even aware of the peril we all face.

    Afraid because time is not just running short,,,

    Time is up.

    Quareen-Chief Watcher for planet Earth

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